641West design is an award winning creative design agency that operates in the fields of  Design/Build, Art/Concepts,  Technology/Education , and Real Estate/Construction.  641West Design collaborates with people (engineers, builders, artists, students, Jane, Bob and you) to design places and objects to play, work, learn, live and see.  641West Design has produced numerous successful projects and products in the last 8 years. We are pro-active in shaping the future of design and we are exploring sustainable and environmentally conscious ideas in everything we deliver.

Marcel de Lange ( founder )

Marcel has a Master’s Degree in Architecture and Architectural Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. ( Delft is a QS top 20 university of technology worldwide ). Marcel is a licensed contractor, technical know how manager and has extensive experience in file to factory processes, fabrication, construction and design.

Currently Marcel is a Senior Instructor in the Program in Environmental Design at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  There he specializes in courses around Design-Build delivery methods, digital design and Fabrication, Building Information Modeling and classes around Building Materials and Systems.


Olga de Lange Klimek ( founder )

Olga has an degree in architecture from MS State. Olga is a licensed Realtor as well as a licensed contractor. She manages and envisions projects from early stages such as acquisition,  financing, budgeting all the way till the end. She has extensive experience in project management and integrated project deliveries. In her spare time she likes to browse real estate and invent new real estate concepts.

You  ( part of the team )

You can be our next project, client or collaborator. Thinking about that piece of land that house or that great idea that always attracted you… Have the potential checked by us and we gladly sketch out, visualize and budgetize your dreams…